This really is…

14 Jul

“the city that never sleeps.” I think of that saying a lot and wonder if it’s a curse. Since being here in Manhattan, I don’t ever feel the need to sleep. Where once my evening routine back in Connecticut consisted of downtime around 9 p.m. and snoozing by 10 p.m., there is now no downtime and my head doesn’t hit the pillow until closer to 2 a.m., if that. In fact, tonight I had to pull myself away from the computer where i’m working on documents, addressing a day’s worth of emails and preparing for tomorrow’s agenda – not to mention our final group presentation on Thursday. I had been going nonstop all day so I decided to hit the gym to clear my head. It didn’t occurr to me until I started my second set of bicep curls that it was already after 10 p.m. This would normally feel bizzare, except that the rest of the New York University student body is awake and pumping iron at that time also. And if you were to look outside, the streets are nearly as busy as they are in mid-day. There’s things to do at all hours of the day!

But i’ve wondered why I just don’t shut down anymore. My energy stays up, my mind keeps moving, and as long as there’s things to do while I’m here, those things i’ll be doing. It’s happened to my roommates too, since day one. Is it that we are running on adrenaline from a long day of learning? Is it that we have so much to do that we lose track of time? Or is it that those who live in this city inevitably and uncontrollably just…never sleep?

I wish I could say i’m signing off now at 11 p.m. on the nose to go to bed, but in fact i’m going to get back to my emails. Sweet dreams from the city that never sleeps!


One Response to “This really is…”

  1. Muzzie July 14, 2010 at 10:47 am #

    That is so funny! And knowing you Pep, you’re probably awake now as I write this at 6:45am.

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