A full year later…

8 Jun

Hi all! Remember me? A year ago this week I was off to live in NYC for a short while. Though I was only there for six weeks, I have not stopped thinking about the wonderfully enriching experience I had while I was there. If you recall, I was embarking on a personal challenge – to get out of my comfort zone by doing something (exploring the city) that I thought I’d be too timid to do. I blogged every other day during my time in the Big Apple. I surprised myself by how much I liked my independence, being lost, being around way too many people and having so many opportunities on every block. And in the process, I got a really good publishing experience out of it and earned a publishing certificate at New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute. Since graduating from the course, I was promoted to the editor position at the Town Times newspaper. Life has been fun and lots of hard work in the last year.

But fastforward to today. I found myself re-reading my very first post on this blog tonight, and how coincidental – it was written a year ago to the day (the dates were always off a little bit on the blog, but I never knew how to fix it). The part of me that believes in signs would not let myself log off this computer for the night until I revisited “The Gray Cat Girl” adventure log, we’ll call it, with a new post one exact year later. Dare I admit, just like that first post where I cheerfully talked about wanting “to be a part of it, NY, NY”, I am listening to Frank Sinatra right now!? Just another whacky coincidence (I do listen to other artists and genres, you can ask me anything about country music). But “My Life” by Sinatra just has something about it that relates to my life right now. My life keeps spinning around, as he sings, and I’ve done so many things in my life and in the last year, and yet there’s so much I want to do. And thank goodness the world is my oyster, as dad always says.

I can never sit still. I want to do everything, even if some things conflict! I want to be in the country and the city,  to live on a farm and the water, to travel the world and be at one with my own little plot of land that I’ll call home someday, to have lots of friends but be happy with my own company… to be worldly, to sail boats for fun, write songs on my guitar, have family over for elaborate meals, speak with a foreigner in his language, know the back roads through Tuscany, Spain, Africa and West Virginia by memory, teach Pilates classes on a beach at sunrise, be a wine connoisseur, a businesswoman, a volunteer. The list goes on.

Can anybody tell me how I can do all of this in one lifetime?

I’m going to try it, and I’m going to blog my adventure. Here goes another go around at my Gray Cat Girl adventure log!


2 Responses to “A full year later…”

  1. Jules June 20, 2011 at 12:37 am #

    Steph, I’m so glad to be following your Gray Cat adventures on this blog again! No matter what you decide to do next, be it something big or small, you’ll do it well.

    • graycatgirl June 20, 2011 at 1:29 am #

      Thanks Jules! Always nice to have your support and encouragement, no matter what. We still need to get together soon to discuss our busy lives and future plans soon xoxoxox

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